Plymouth County 4-H Horse Show

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Show Rules



(Use the New England 4-H Horse Show Rulebook as a supplement to these rules (Available in the horse Show Office)


2.  The 4-H DIVISION is open to all currently enrolled 4-H members.  Animals in the division must be the member’s project for at least three (3) months.

3.  FITTING & SHOWMANSHIP is mandatory for all 4-H exhibitors. NO ONE BUT 4-H MEMBER(S) IS TO PREPARE THE ANIMAL FOR F&S.  Help in leading, loading, holding, harnessing, and tightening girths is permitted.   Common sense about safety should always be used.

4.  Western riders use properly fitted halter in place of a bridle for Fitting &  Showmanship.

5.  4-H CLOVERBUDS (4-H members under 5-7 years old) may only participate in the 4-H Cloverbud Fitting & Showmanship Class.  No 4-H exhibitor under 8 years of age is allowed to ride in any 4-H class other than leadline. They will receive a Cloverbud Award for participating. 

Participation in open classes is allowed but not endorsed by the UMASS 4-H YOUTH PROGRAM.

6.  Chaps in western equitation classes ARE permitted.

7.  No stallions or nursing brood mares may be entered and or brought on the show grounds

8. Exhibitors must be 8 years of age or older to ride in any 4-H class including walk trot classes. Excluding leadline.



1.  Persons exhibiting/attending this show do so at their own risk. The Plymouth County 4-H horse show committee, UMASS EXTENSION or  Briggs Stable assume no liability for any damage or accident to animals, property, or persons exhibiting or attending this event.  All accidents must be reported to the show secretary IMMEDIATELY.

 2. The show committee reserves the right to cancel, combine or substitute any class or division.

 3.  All exhibitors are responsible for having their equipment in good repair. Anyone with unsafe equipment may be asked to replace it immediately or may be excused.

 4.  At the discretion of the show committee or any show official any rider not having control of his/hers mount may be Dismissed. HORSES THAT KICK MUST WEAR A RED RIBBON IN TAIL

 5. Tiedowns and Hackamores are prohibited for all riders.   Running martingales will not be allowed.

 6.  Helmet RULE: All riders under the age of 18 years and all 4-H members regardless of seat must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with a chin harness which must be properly fastened whenever mounted.  An approved helmet has a flexible brim and a sturdy chin harness. Anyone violating this rule may be immediately prohibited from riding on the grounds until proper headgear is in place. All huntseat riders regardless of age shall adhere to this rule.

7.  To qualify for any Walk/Trot class/Division with the exception of the Novice Horse Division, the exhibitor must not have shown at the canter at any other time and/or in any other show.  If a W-T person has this rule excludes the gymkhana classes.

 8.  All exhibitors are expected to show in age appropriate classes or divisions.

 9.  A negative coggins test is required for all horses on show grounds. 

10.  In any canter division of 12 or more horses, the cantering portion of the class will be split at the judge’s discretion to ensure safety of all involved.

11.  There will be no cross entering of Walk/Trot /Canter Classes into Walk/Trot Classes.

12.  To qualify for the state show or Eastern States Horse Show you must only be a 4-H member in good standing. 

The New England 4-H Rule book shall be used as a supplement to the rules mentioned here, the USEF rule book shall be the supplement to the NE 4-H Rule Book.



Under Massachusetts Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant n equine activities resulting from the inherent  risks of equine activities, pursuant to Section 2D of Chapter 128, of the General Laws.