Plymouth County 4-H Horse Show

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Class List

2018 Plymouth County 4-H Open Horse Show Class List

July 1 ~ Briggs Stable, Hanover

September 16 ~  Washburn Park, Marion 

1. 4-H Fitting and Showmanship Cloverbud (Leader over 18yrs old needed)

2. 4-H Fitting and Showmanship Junior

3. 4-H Fitting and Showmanship Senior


(*** Riding Start after Completion of Class 3;

No Earlier Than 9AM***).

4. Pony Equitation 

5. Green Horse Equitation (WT Only)

6. WT Senior Equitation (14 & older)

7. WT Junior Equitation (8-13 years old)

8. Leadline Equitation (8 & under)

9. Leadline Suitability ( 8 & under)

10. Leadline Equitation (9 – 12 years old )

10T  Therapeutic Riding Leadline Equitation 

11. Leadline Suitability (9 – 12 years old)

11T Therapeutic Riding  Leadline Suitability

12. Beginner Walk Trot Canter Equitation

13. Open Huntseat Equitation

14. 4-H Equitation

15. 4-H WT Equitation (8-18yrs old)

16. Open Equitation

17C. Plymouth County 4-H Open WT Equitation

Classic * open to all

18. Pony Pleasure 

19. Green Horse Pleasure (WT Only)

20. WT Senior Pleasure (14 yrs & older)

21. WT Junior Pleasure (8-13 years old)

22. Beginner Walk Trot Canter Pleasure

23. Open Huntseat Pleasure

24. 4-H Pleasure

25. 4-H Walk Trot Pleasure (8-18yrs)

26. Open Pleasure

28. Pony Discipline Rail 

29. Green Horse Discipline Rail (WT Only)

30. WT Senior Discipline Rail (14 & older)

31. WT Junior Discipline Rail (8-13yo)

32. Beginner Walk Trot Canter Discipline Rail

33. Open Huntseat Road Hack

34. 4-H Discipline Rail

35. 4-H Walk Trot Discipline Rail (8-18 yo No Cloverbuds)

36. Open Discipline Rail

37C. Plymouth County 4-H Open Command

Classic * open to all


(***Open at 8:30am, Closed at 2pm***)

38. Pony Trail 

39. Green Horse Trail (WT Only)

40. Walk Trot Senior Trail (14yrs & older)

41. Walk Trot Junior Trail (8-13yrs old)

42. Leadline Trail (10yrs & under)

42T Therapeutic Riding Leadline Trail

43. Beginner Walk Trot Canter Trail

44. 4-H Trail

45. 4-H Walk Trot Trail (8-18yrs)

46. Open Trail

47. Open Huntseat Trail

48. Open small equine Trail


(Begin in Ring 1 after Class 37C)

49. Spectators Pleasure (WT Only)

50. Egg & Spoon

51. Sit-A-Buck

52. Command

53. In-hand small equine command

54. 4-H Alumni W-T * Held at lunch

$10.00 all regular classes, Classics $20,  No charge classes 1-2-3

*Post Entry Fee $10.00 (Must be received Friday prior to show) 

*Pre-Entries close the Friday before the show

- Proof of Negative Coggins is required (within 1 yr)

*** 4-H CLOVERBUDS may only participate in the 4-H Cloverbud Fitting & Showmanship Class. No other 4-H classes are permitted.   They will receive a Cloverbud Award for participating.  

Participation in open classes is allowed but not endorsed by the UMASS 4-H YOUTH PROGRAM.


Under Massachusetts Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant n equine activities resulting from the inherent  risks of equine activities, pursuant to Section 2D of Chapter 128, of the General Laws.